Corn Cob Blasting Media – Properties, Advantages and Applications

Corn Cob Grit achieves excellent results in tumbling, blasting, polishing, vibratory finishing, deburring, deflashing and drying applications. This versatile, bio-degradable, long lasting media is reclaimable in blasting log cabins, aluminium, wood, fiberglass, boats and buildings. Corn Cob is commonly used in tumbling and vibratory finishing for polishing brass, casings and other parts.

Corn Cob is also highly absorbent in clean-ups of oil spills and is used as a pet litter ingredient. In cosmetics products, Corn Cob is used in soaps.

Corn Cob Blasting for Log Home Restoration

Corn Cob does an excellent job in restoring log homes and preparing the wood surface for new stain as shown in the following video:

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