A Cost Effective Way to Access 5500 Test Instrument

Bose provides immense support to innovation and education. The company is keen to make its technology accessible to researchers and educators for whom it could be beneficial. For that reason, Bose is introducing the Bose® Access program.

As part of this global initiative, the company will offer the versatile Bose 5500 test instrument base system (Figure 1) as a new package that also includes a computer, the WinTest® 7 software, and a load cell. Installation and training are also part of the new package. The Bose Access program is designed for academic and industrial applications such as product development, research, and education/teaching laboratories.

The versatile Bose 5500 test instrument

Figure 1. The versatile Bose 5500 test instrument

The Bose 5500 Test Instrument

The Bose 5500 test instrument is a valuable and flexible research instrument and has found use in materials characterization, static and dynamic testing, tension testing, compression testing, bend testing, extensive waveform and data options. It can be used to demonstrate concepts, including tensile strength, hysteresis curves, frequency dependence of materials, stress-relaxation, and effects of acceleration and velocity. Illustrative examples are shown in Figures 2 and 3.

Cyclic data on rubber

Figure 2. Cyclic data on rubber

Stress relaxation of rubber

Figure 3. Stress relaxation of rubber

Specifications of Bose 5500 Base System

The specifications of the Bose 5500 base system are summarized in the following table:

5500 Base System Specifications
Peak Max/Load ± 200N
Max Frequency 20Hz
Max Displacement 13mm
Frame Height 49.0cm
Frame Width 20.3cm
Frame Depth 26.9cm
Max Vertical test Space (Shaft) 15.0cm
Max Vertical test Space (No Shaft) 26.7cm
Frame Weight 16kg

Key Features of Bose 5500

The Bose 5500 base system is equipped with an ElectroForce® proprietary zero-friction motor, which delivers unprecedented performance and is convenient and efficient for a range of teaching and research applications. With a compact size, the system is easy to transport and fit into an individual lab station. The Bose 5500 base system is offered with a wide choice of accessories, such as specialized grips, bend fixtures, platens, to address the research and teaching requirements. The Above & Beyond™ support makes customers comfortable through unlimited technical support, application expertise, and the only 10-year motor warranty in the industry.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by TA Instruments.

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