How Lightweight Solutions Can Change the Construction Industry

The building and construction industry has a significant bearing on many important issues, both large and small. From its influence on the global economic and environmental situation to daily life in residential, commercial or public buildings, the industry aims to revolutionize how we live.

How Lightweight Solutions Can Change the Construction Industry

Image Credit: Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

A major component of generating new material solutions and technologies is to find ways to access more lightweight and sustainable construction and move towards industry de-carbonization, which are crucial factors in combatting climate change and enhancing the well-being inside of buildings.

But there are a number of other excellent reasons why society should shift towards lightweight construction.

Benefits of Lightweight Construct

How Lightweight Solutions Can Change the Construction Industry

Image Credit: Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Conceivably, using lightweight construction to reduce the carbon footprint and find more sustainable solutions is considered an urgent and key factor. As a global leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain® plays a central role in reaching carbon neutrality.

Generally, lightweight materials have a lower embodied energy rating than heavyweight materials, resulting in lower overall life cycle energy use. Some of the construction materials deemed suitable include timber or lightweight steel framing, structural insulated panels and other prefabricated products.

As well as consuming less energy, lightweight construction materials also require fewer resources than concrete, steel or brick by brick construction. It can also help produce extremely energy-efficient buildings with a minimal CO2 footprint over their lifetime.

Using special bonding tapes to connect and repair vapor barriers and membranes helps fabricate tight hulls of lightweight buildings, which are crucial when trying to achieve high energy efficiency goals. Additionally, to protect against environmental impacts, tapes are used in modern buildings to guarantee air- and watertight sealing.

Increase Comfort of Indoor Environment for Greater Well-Being

Lightweight construction can also boost well-being and productivity by creating healthier and more comfortable indoor environments. Special materials provide good energy and temperature control and can react quickly to sudden temperature changes and cool rapidly overnight in warmer climates.

Materials with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), for instance, in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions, can enhance thermal comfort and overall indoor air quality.

As a result of lightweight construction, air exchange is minimal in modern buildings, and materials like Norseal® Polyurethane (PUR) Foams are used in HVAC solutions to supply fresh air indoors and have a minimal impact on air quality.

Also, Norseal bio-based PUR foam can be utilized as an interface material between construction elements, providing exceptional sealing performance when compressed while delivering a good supply of air.

Phthalate-free Norseal PVC products from Saint-Gobain set the standard when it comes to delivering excellent sealing performance in combination with protecting people and the environment. 

Noise dampening products such as Green Glue Noise proofing materials are ideally suited to improving the quality of lightweight buildings and the quality of life inside of them by creating a calm atmosphere with acoustic comfort. 

Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound is a novel, non-hazardous and environmentally responsible noise dampening product that is well-suited for new construction or renovation projects with simple and effective application.

It dissipates structural vibrations generated by sound waves that typically travel through ceilings, walls and floors and offers the often-overlooked value of acoustic comfort by helping create a space that is comfortable, convenient and affordable.

Reliable Performance with Modern Materials and Technologies 

State-of-the-art building materials and lightweight technologies offer a greater perspective and help envision how to achieve reliable performance with unparalleled freedom of design. Modern façade solutions for industrial, commercial and residential buildings allow for the development of new shapes and forms.  

 Saint-Gobain has over 40 years of industry-leading performance and its spacer tapes set the standard in structural glazing applications for unrivaled views, ambiance and sun-drenched interiors.

Several types and countless designs of façade claddings open up new potentials in lightweight construction. Norbond® Bonding Tapes are the unsung heroes in bonding stiffener bars to claddings to facilitate extra stiffness, secure attachment and ease of assembly for lightweight façade constructions. 

Norbond Bonding Tapes can also be used in panel tacks with exceptional holding power that holds panels in place to guarantee optimal curing through the cladding assembly process.

How Lightweight Solutions Can Change the Construction Industry

Image Credit: Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Resources and Efficiency 

The ability to easily access lightweight construction materials is also a major benefit as it makes production much easier and simplifies the transport of solutions, particularly to remote locations. A high level of prefabrication ensures consistent quality, efficient processes and time savings by reducing preliminary site work.

Due to its special features and automatic application, Dynafoam® Foam-in-place Gasketing materials streamline prefabrication processes and help improve accuracy, speed, material use and waste.

This mono-component gasketing and cushioning material cures as it reacts with moisture in the air, producing low-density thermoset, elastomeric, foamed gaskets and consequently offers new opportunities in lightweight construction.

How Lightweight Solutions Can Change the Construction Industry

Image Credit: Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Sustainable Alternatives for the Win 

Consequently, lightweight construction can also improve the economic impact, generating cost savings through rapid, streamlined applications as well as additional pre-manufacturing, increased efficiency, and reduced labor and transport costs.

The fewer materials used, the greater the weight and waste reductions, which allows manufacturers to use more high-quality materials designed specifically for their needs. The expertise, regional and global capabilities, and willingness to customize make Saint-Gobain the perfect partner to produce bespoke solutions today for a greener tomorrow.

Small Adjustments for a Sustainable Future 

Making small adjustments can generate big changes, and the transition to a more sustainable future in building and construction is just getting started. As a global player with reliable connections, Saint-Gobain  has experts who are working to consistently improve its portfolio of tape solutions to tackle current and future demands.

Protecting people and the environment are increasingly important factors across a number of industries, and the materials, expertise and capabilities companies are using today are designed to help achieve certain goals. Get in touch today and find out how Saint-Gobain can help make the world a better home.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions.

For more information on this source, please visit Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions.


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