Spectro Scientific - Industrial Tribology Systems

Spectro Scientific pioneered the use of fiber optics in spectrometers, rugged optic design and ease of use. These innovations have provided us with the capability to design emission spectrometers which can be taken out of the laboratory environment and used on-site, and in the field where a timely analysis is required.

Markets Served

Since our founding in 1981, Spectro’s products have found wide acceptance in existing markets as well as new ones that we created. Today our market is world-wide and our customer base includes the military, commercial laboratories, oil companies, power utilities, transportation, vehicle manufacturers, mining companies and research institutions.

Complete Service Strategy

We believe that when a customer purchases from Spectro, they buy more than just a product, they buy our complete services and capabilities. We are dedicated to providing not only the best spectrometers and software available, but also the best possible customer support and service.

Spectro’s Capabilities

Spectro designs, manufactures, sells and services analytical instrumentation. Their mainstays are optical emission spectrometers used in predictive maintenance of mechanical systems based on oil analysis. Used oil analysis is the base for a predictive maintenance program. Spectro customers are industrial or military organizations that have oil-lubricated machines or engines. A second market consists of instruments for the analysis of contaminants in gas turbine fuels. Through the study of lubrication, friction and wear they are able to predict possible future problems of systems.

Products Designed to Work in the Field and in the Laboratory

Spectro Scientific products are unique in that they have designed them to work equally well in the field as well as in the laboratory. Spectro products are used throughout the world. Spectro has technical and sales representatives in every major country.

Spectro Scientific

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