Metallography Sample Preparation Using Wet and Dry Grinders

The BG-Series of wet/dry belt grinders from LECO are available in both single and dual belt models and have been engineered for durability, safety, and convenience.


  • Heavy-duty 1 hp motor
  • Enclosed belt tension mechanism
  • Safety guards
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium for all external surfaces
  • Stainless steel for all internal parts

BG-Series - Single and Dual Belt Grinders

Figure 1. BG-Series - Single and Dual Belt Grinders

GPX-Series - Advanced Grinder/Polisher

Convenience, flexibility, and quality—all in one easy-to-use system. With the LECO GPX, everything you need for smoother, flatter samples is right at your fingertips. Whatever your grinding or polishing need may be, the GPX has you covered.


  • Advanced bowl/drain design featuring automatic bowl flush provides you with easier clean up
  • Built-in splash ring traps material and fluid within the work area, reducing clean-up time
  • Easily choose between several pre-determined methods with the touch-screen keypad and selector. Step-by-step applications guide you through the entire process
  • 8- to 10-inch (200 to 250 mm) wheel base or 10- to 12-inch (250 to 300 mm) wheel base
  • 3/4 hp (GPX200) or 2 hp (GPX300); Variable-speed AC drives
  • GPX polishing head (standard) accepts single or fixed specimen holders

GPX-Series - Advanced Grinder/Polisher

Figure 2. GPX-Series - Advanced Grinder/Polisher

Spectrum System 1000® - Grinder/Polisher for Low- to Medium-Volume Laboratory

The LECO Spectrum System 1000 is a dual 8-inch design that can be purchased as a manual stand-alone base unit or with a grinding/polishing head for semi-automatic sample preparation. A rugged 3/4 HP motor drives the simultaneous operation of both 8-inch wheels. Add the head assembly and an optional dispenser to maximize efficiency.


  • Built-in timer
  • Variable speed base
  • Adjustable water faucets
  • Compact, durable design
  • Up to six 1¼ inch samples can be prepared at one time

Spectrum System 1000® - Grinder/Polisher

Figure 3. Spectrum System 1000® - Grinder/Polisher

GR-20 - Console Wet/Dry Coarse Grinder

The GR-20 from LECO is a high-speed, heavy duty, wet or dry grinder engineered to quickly accomplish the coarse grinding stage. It can be used to prepare large or small samples for metallographic or spectrographic purposes.


  • Balanced 12-inch bronze wheel driven by a 3 HP motor
  • Single or double 36-inch console models
  • Splash bowl-mounted water inlet
  • 6-inch cup sinks with stainless water spouts
  • Custom-mounted flush mounted units available

GR-20 - Console Wet/Dry Coarse Grinder

Figure 4. GR-20 - Console Wet/Dry Coarse Grinder

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