Nickel Magnesium (NiMg) Master Alloy

KBM Affilips manufactures a suite of master alloys in many different physical forms, including aluminum-based master alloys, zinc-based master alloys, lead-based master alloys, nickel-based master alloys, and cobalt-based master alloys, to name a few.

Nickel Magnesium (NiMg) master alloy is one such product offered by KBM Affilips.


Composition of NiMg

The following alloys and composition are possible:

  • Nickel-magnesium (5%, 15% and 20% Mg)
  • Nickel-magnesium-iron
  • Nickel-magnesium-silicon-iron
  • Nickel-magnesium-cerium(MM)
  • Nickel-magnesium-silicon-cerium(MM)-iron
  • Nickel-magnesium-cerium(MM)-iron

Nickel Magnesium series master alloys find its main application as a high quality nodulariser in the manufacturing of SG irons or nodular irons, predominantly in those containing nickel. Ce(MM) is an optional addition.

The presence of rare earth metals such as cerium negates the detrimental effect caused by the presence of adverse impurities, including Ti, Bi, Sb, and Pb. Moreover, the presence of Ce(MM) improves the nodularising effect of magnesium and inhibits the fading effect.

On a smaller scale, the master alloy is also utilized for deoxidation and desulfurization of cast iron, special steels and super alloys. The addition of NiMg master alloy more efficiently transfers magnesium into the liquid cast iron than pure magnesium metal thanks to the much higher density of the master alloy. The improved treatment results in more efficient magnesium recovery and minimizes MgO fume emission.

KBM Affilips supplies nickel/cobalt/iron based additives in lump form for the iron, steel and super alloy industry. The company produces lumps of defined size through crushing, and the lump shape is usually specific to the alloy to be manufactured.

Applications of NiMg

The applications of NiMg are as follows:

  • As nodulariser in SG iron
  • For deoxidation and desulfurization of special steels

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by KBM Affilips.

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