The Bruker EVOQ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

The key purpose of the EVOQ triple quadrupole for liquid chromatography is to consistently quantify thousands of samples in the fastest sample-to-report time possible. It offers high precision, accuracy, sensitivity, linearity and a broad dynamic range for the customer’s multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays. Advancements in software amd atmospheric pressure ionization (API) technology make it essential for routine high-sensitivity, quantitative analysis.

Key Benefits

The major benefits of the EVOQ triple quadrupole are:

  • Conveniently obtain ultra-high sensitivity for small molecules and biomolecules as a result of the innovative interlacedquadrupole (IQ) dual ion funnel.
  • Confidently run matrix-rich samples on the robust orificeplate based API interface
  • Effectively study thermally labile molecules at high flow rates with the novel vacuum insulated probe (VIP) heated electrospray probe.
  • Save time using exception-based data-review software, making it easier to highlight chromatograms that do not meet preset method criteria.

Key Applications

The major applications of the EVOQ triple quadrupole are:

  • Since food is perishable, food testing requires rapid results.
  • The EVOQ LC-TQ delivers the fastest sample-to-report time using PACER software.
  • Environmental analysis can be made cost-effective by using on-line extraction (OLE) using the space-saving Advance UHPLC with OLE.
  • Toxicology testing covers a wide range of compounds in tough matrices, which can be easily ionized by VIP heated-ESI technology.
  • Pharmacokinetics in early drug discovery needs high-sensitivity and high robustness to study hundreds of rat plasma samples on a daily basis; a task easily achieved by the orifice/IQ dual ion funnel design.

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