Precision Optical Coating Deposition Systems

The precision optical coating systems from Dynavac offer consistent results regularly every year. Dynavac systems are being used in facilities globally, handling the most advanced optical coating challenges with high reliability and performance.

Systems are offered in a number of sizes and are offered with a wide range of process options. One has the option to select from planetary mechanism, single rotation or custom-engineered fixturing for optimal throughput and uniformity. The Spectrum Pro Optical Monitor Series from Dynavac offers a new level in end-point detection of optical coatings.

Key Features

The key features of the precision optical coating systems are:

  • The systems range from 30" to 120"
  • There is a wide range of process options for sputtering and evaporation
  • Features planetary mechanism, single rotation or custom-engineered tooling
  • Supervisory control system with LabVIEW-based HMI
  • Process development support available
  • Single-wavelength and broad band optical monitoring systems
  • Service support and global installations

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