Dose Rate Monitors TRADOS and TRADOS X from Vacutec

The Dose Rate Probes TRADOS and TRADOS X belonging to type 70 046A are highly sensitive measuring devices. These proportional detectors were developed for a number of applications such as indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring, radiation detection caused by radioactive sources and X-ray machines.

Key Features

The key features of TRADOS and TRADOS X are:

  • High sensitivity to photon radiation.
  • Wide dynamic measuring range.
  • Has a wide photon energy range (TRADOS X from 6 keV).
  • The probes feature a large proportional counter inclusive electronics for supplying the data evaluation and for displaying the dose rate values on the integrated LCD display.
  • Based on an ASCII protocol, the Dose Rate meter is supplied with a serial interface data exchange.
  • The TRADOS and TRADOS X are energy compensated according to ICRU 39.
  • It is suitable for measuring the ambient dose rate equivalent.

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