Proportional Detector 70 020 from VacuTec

The proportional detector from VacuTec is used for axial beam radiation measurements, this tube detects alpha radiation separately from other fractions of radiation (beta, gamma). The height of the counts caused by alpha radiation is higher than that caused by beta radiation at an operating voltage less than 1500 V.A special construction and gas filling enables this condition to be attained.


The specifications of the proportional detector 70020 are:

  • Alpha radiation: 1500 V
  • Beta radiation: 1800 V
  • Filling gas He/organic vapour
  • Entrance window mica, 2 mg/cm2
  • Alpha energy range > 3 MeV
  • Beta energy range > 40 keV
  • Recommended operating voltage
  • Entrance window diameter 31 mm

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