Easy MCA – 2k/8k Multichannel Analyzer from ORTEC

ORTEC offers EASY MCA (Multichannel analyzer) that can be interfaced with a PC using a USB2 cable. The MCA is stackable and portable and no PC option slots are needed. Memory cables are provided in each EASY-MCA to hold the complete spectrum. The option of 2k channels of resolution is offered which can be switched to 1k or 0.5k channels or 8k channels of resolution which can be switched to 4k, 2k, 1k, or 0.5k channels.

It is possible for EASY-MCA to accept inputs from a shaping amplifier for Pulse Height Analysis (PHA). Along with the input signal, a pile-up rejection input (PUR), EASY-MCA accepts an ADC GATE input, and a BUSY input used by the live-time correction circuits. A single computer subject to USB-2.0 speed of data transfer can control several units using USB ports or a powered USB hub.

Key Features

The key features of the EASY-MCA are:

  • Two available versions in 2k or 8k resolution
  • Fast (<2 µs) conversion time
  • Includes Dead-Time Correction Logic Inputs
  • Gate Input Provided
  • The convenient and powerful MAESTRO software is included
  • Fast, convenient USB2 connectivity
  • Advanced Analysis Software Options

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