Low Temperature Coolers

The Low Temperature Cooler available from PolyScience improves and simplifies low-temperature laboratory work. With the help of this product, liquids can be cooled down to -100°C temperatures instantly and cost-effectively. The cooler is available in immersion probe and flow-through versions.

The flow-through style coolers provide a low-cost option to tap water cooling of heated circulating baths when instant cool-downs at or near ambient temperature is required. They also improve the cooling capacity of refrigerated circulators and extend the temperature range of non-refrigerated circulators to less than the ambient temperature.

Immersion probe style coolers are suitable for trapping and Dewar-type applications and cut down the cost of using liquid nitrogen or dry ice. In addition, a flexible hose allows users to place the cooling probe easily.

Key Features

The product features of the Low Temperature Cooler are:

  • Improves and simplifies laboratory work
  • Provides instant and cost-effective cooling of liquids down to -100°C temperatures
  • Improves cooling capacity of refrigerated circulators; extends temperature range of non-refrigerated circulators to below ambient temperatures
  • Eliminates the use of liquid nitrogen or dry ice
  • Available in immersion probe and flow-through styles


The applications of the Low Temperature Coolers are:

  • Cooling of exothermic reactions
  • Lyophilization
  • Freeze drying
  • Freeze point determinations
  • Impact testing
  • Vapor and solvent trapping

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