The MX Immersion Circulator from PolyScience enables customers to create a circulating bath utilizing their own vessel or with a PolyScience open bath tank. It must be mounted on tanks with a depth of 18.4 cm or more. It enables secure clamping with both curved and straight tank walls. The MX Temperature Controller is an economical solution for routine laboratory applications, delivering powerful circulation with ±0.07°C temperature stability.

Key Features

The following are the key features of MX Immersion Circulator:

  • Simple and straightforward setup and operation thanks to three control buttons and plain-text on-screen prompts
  • Suitable for tank capacities up to 28 L
  • Working Temperature: 135°C maximum temperature
  • Large, universal icon and English display
  • Pump: 1-speed
  • Integral pump and heater coil protection
  • Adjustable flow
  • Safety Rating: DIN 12876-1 Class I (for use with non-flammable liquids)
  • Single-point calibration capability
  • User-settable high-temperature safety enables low-liquid level and over-temperature protection
  • Patent-pending integrated design enables easy cleaning and maintenance, while protecting heater and pump

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