Carbon Fiber Slot Furnaces From Harper International

Harper is the choice company in continuous furnace technologies for the carbon fiber industry.

Each design of Harper is tailored to customer’s specifications considering the best possible solution for the customer’s needs in terms of element and muffle design, atmospheric considerations and materials platform to avoid plasma generation for the desired line rates and tow sizes.

The company’s experience ranges a range of precursors including pitch, PAN, lignin, polyethylene and rayon in tow, discontinuous loose fiber form or nonwoven mat.

The carbon fiber slot furnaces have unique atmospheres, horizontal or vertical configuration, multiple independently controlled temperature zones, uniform temperature across the tow band and designed to facilitate service and maintenance activities. Harper offers LT, HT and unique UHT furnace designs for the production of carbon fibers.

Key Features

The key features of carbon fiber slot furnaces include:

  • Unique end seal design delivers excellent process gas flow uniformity
  • Proven atmosphere purge chambers designs
  • Strategic heating element placement to achieve optimal temperature uniformity
  • Advanced insulation designs reducing energy consumption
  • Inboard and outboard louvers used to minimize ingress of air

Customer Testimonial

The quality of the major equipment and design solutions reveal a very accurate care and a systematic approach to boost performance.

Jose Miguel Contreiras - Commercial Manager / Board Member

Slot Furnaces for Carbon Fiber Production

Harper's experience includes a variety of precursors including PAN, pitch, lignin, polyethylene, and rayon in tow, nonwoven mat, or discontinuous, loose fiber form.
When you’ve reach production scale, Harper’s 3M and 4M carbon fiber lines are the ideal choice, focused on process effectiveness, product quality and operational optimization.
Harper's enhanced end seals, insulation, atmospheric controls and purge chambers provide superior performance, delivering optimal temperature uniformity, minimal air ingress, and excellent process gas flow uniformity.
Contact Harper Intl to discuss your carbon fiber production and processing needs.

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