Microline™ Research Systems From Harper International

Harper pioneered the Microline concept based on the flexibility to change and modify for the needs of customers in research and development of advanced fiber processing techniques.

The system accommodates line speeds ranging from 0.1 m/min to over 1 m/min and tows from 10 filaments to 48000 filaments.

The completely integrated and extensively outfitted Microlines are configured for customization with advanced performance equal to our production scale lines, but in a modest scale for research and development customers.

Key features

The key features of microline research systems are:

  • Single or multiple dip systems for surface treatment
  • Advanced HT furnace designs for up to 1800°C
  • Optional UHT furnace for investigation of high modulus fibers up to 2800°C
  • Configuration of control system for preferences regarding remote access and data historian
  • Material handling for emerging precursors including those requiring belt transport

Microline concept

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