Integrated High Speed Video for Materials Test from Imatek

The high-speed HSV option is available for any of the Imatek range of impact testers, to greatly enhance understanding of the behaviour of a specimen as it undergoes an impact. Imatek offer a fully integrated system under the control of the ImpAcqt software. This is used to both control the camera and analyse the resulting video sequence.

Since the camera and the data acquisition share the same trigger, data points and images can be precisely correlated. A video sequence provides a great deal of qualitative information about the impact event, and the software also allows quantitative information to be extracted.

High-speed video offers an advantage in many application areas, but is particularly useful when complex structures are being tested, and for high-rate tensile testing.

Imatek's two video systems can be operated in stand-alone mode, independently of the impact tester and ImpAcqt software. This makes them general purpose tools that can be utilised by other parts of a customers operation, helping to justify the capital outlay.

Imatek offer colour or monochrome systems. In general, Imatek recommends the use of monochrome cameras as these provide higher sensitivity and have a lower processing overhead.

As standard the HSV option provides a complete package including software, camera, choice of lenses, lighting controller, lights and tripods/stands.


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