Portable Frequency and Charge Signal/Function Generator - 1510A

The 1510A Precision Signal Source generator available from MTI Instruments is a compact and portable device and includes dual-channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) that creates high precision signals over a wide frequency and amplitude range.

The 1510A signal generator includes both charge and voltage signals to simulate a wide range of sensors and transducers. It also includes functions like adjustable frequency, multiple wave shapes, adjustable frequency, sweep function, amplitude and phase, and 40 memory locations. These features make the 1510A suitable for test and calibration.

In addition, the 1510A signal generator features a new low-voltage bridge mode that produces 5-100,000µV, with closed-loop control, enabling precise calibration of strain gage circuits and similar sensors.

Key Features

The main features of the 1510A signal generator are:

  • Dual channel output, with channel synchronization
  • Dual digital synthesizers for high accuracy signals
  • Sweep and Jog functions for system testing
  • Voltage and charge signal outputs
  • Low microvolt range simulates bridge type sensors
  • Phase adjustment between channels
  • Rugged and portable with rechargeable batteries
  • Thermal compensation to ensure accuracy
  • USB control port
  • 40 on-board memory locations and remote programming and control
  • Calibration Wizard enables calibration of the 1510A using a NIST-traceable digital voltmeter (optional software package is required)


The applications of the 1510A signal generator are:

  • Calibrate monitoring systems
  • Calibrate charge amplifiers
  • Calibrate machinery balancing systems
  • Calibrate avionics equipment
  • Simulate vibration signals
  • Simulate machinery speed signals
  • Accelerometers
  • Velocity probes
  • Electronics testing
  • Automated system testing
  • Audio signal simulation
  • Cabling and wiring troubleshooting
1510A Portable Signal Generator

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