Manual Metrology and Thickness Measurement - PROFORMA SERIES

The Proforma 300i wafer metrology system supplied by MTI Instruments is a manual, non-contact measurement system designed to measure wafers up to 300mm in diameter for both thickness and total thickness variation (TTV). The system is portable, fast, precise, reliable, and easy to set up.

The Proforma 300i offers accurate non-contact measurements at vital points throughout the wafer manufacturing process. The system can measure all wafer materials including Gallium-Arsenide, Silicon and Indium-Phosphide, without recalibration.

Key Features

The main features of the PROFORMA SERIES are:

  • Proprietary capacitance circuitry for excellent precision and dependability
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • High performance at low cost
  • 76-300mm diameter wafer range
  • +/-0.25µm accuracy
  • Front USB port allows easy data storage to flash drives
  • RS-232 and Ethernet output port to PC
  • Parallel port for printer
  • Measures different materials, such as Si, Ge, InP, and GaAs, without recalibration.
  • Can be customized for maximum sensing range or maximum stand-off from target


The applications of the PROFORMA SERIES are:

  • Slicing
  • Backgrind
  • Lap/etch and polishing
  • Final Inspection

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