Brinell Optical Scanning System (B.O.S.S.) from Lloyd Instruments

The Brinell Optical Scanning System, (B.O.S.S.) enhances quality control with sophisticated data acquisition and analysis capabilities and determines brinell impressions faster, more accurately and consistently than ever.

With the B.O.S.S. system one obtains a high-resolution video scanning head with video imagery software with the ability to save the high-resolution image of the impression to a file. The software and scanning head can be added to the existing computer or a complete “turn-key” system using a desktop, laptop or tablet-style computer with printer and with mobile protective cabinet can be furnished.

Key Features

  • The software operates in a Windows environment.
  • Operating is simple. Use the video scanning head and “click” onto the impression.
  • A high-resolution still image of the impression is created and measured with the video software to 0.01mm resolution.
  • Even measurements on smooth surfaces, dark grey irons or light reflective aluminum are quickly and easily interpreted.
  • The measurement will display the image, the brinell measurement (HB5 or HB30), indenter and load information, even your tolerance results.
  • Tolerance warning values can be used so images are identified using green/yellow/red indicators to signify the tolerance type.
  • Out-of-tolerance results can be signified using an audible alarm. Results can automatically be converted to other scales according to ASTM E-140.
  • The B.O.S.S. system can create statistical reports including X-bar & R charts and histograms. Averaging of results within a user-defined group of test can be performed automatically.
  • The B.O.S.S. system ensures consistency, accuracy and efficiency- regardless of operator.

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