Handheld Raman for Forensic Analysis - TacticID® N

The TacticID-N is specifically targeted at law enforcement personnel and forensic lab technicians and includes an extensive library of nearly 1,000 narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs, cutting agents and precursors. For maintaining the integrity of the validated B&W Tek libraries pre-installed on the system, the unit does not require custom user library creation.

This model also has the proprietary TacticID Operating System (TOS) installed within the unit, enabling identification and library and data storage/transfer. The TacticID software (TID) is developed to be used on personal computers for data and report management, enabling customers to export data and generate reports quickly and easily. The reporting output can also be customized with user logos, added fields, notes and more.

Furthermore, the TacticID offers encrypted WiFi synchronization and data transfer capabilities with network terminals for optimizing resources and time. TacticID OS is also capable of data and results transfer as well as easy library export.

Key Features

The key features of the TacticID N are:

  • Highly advanced complex mixture results are obtained by highly advanced algorithms
  • Increase user safety by scanning directly through plastics, bottles and other translucent packaging materials.
  • Optimized for analyzing gels, liquids, powders and solids through various package types.
  • Dust proof and splash resistant for field environments.
  • Ultra crisp high-definition display with touch screen capability for on-the-spot note and text inputs.
  • Scan delay up to 120s and laser power adjustable from 10-100%.
  • Optional tablet computer accessory for remote operation.
  • Non-technical and technical users can use the device conveniently as it as simple, easy to understand menus and commands.


The key applications of TacticID N are:

  • Identification of mixed and diluted materials
  • Identification of toxic solvent and bio-warfare agents
  • Verification and identification of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Non-destructive narcotic drug identification
  • Analysis of unknown powders, liquids and gels
  • Identification of binding agents and explosive materials

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