Fast and Accurate Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

The Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) results can be achieved in an accurate and rapid manner through seamless workflows. Accurate results are delivered by TGA instruments, using the globally renowned METTLER TOLEDO ultra-micro and micro balances, with sub-microgram resolution over the entire measurement range.

The One Click™ function, which is available at the color touchscreen display, is used to carry out regular measurements in a simple, safe, and rapid manner. A bar code reader is used to identify samples. A sample robot, which is factory tested, ensures 24/7 reliable and efficient performance.

Automatic buoyancy compensation reduces the time required to deliver precise results, and it is not necessary to run a blank measurement. The mass flow controller gas supply units, that are equipped with the instruments, provide optimal atmosphere for the sample. The experiment can begin without any user involvement.

Key Features

  • One click experiment start - for simple and rapid routine performance
  • Efficient automation - very reliable sample robot for high sample throughput
  • METTLER TOLEDO ultra-micro balance - rely on the balance technology leader
Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) from METTLER TOLEDO
TGA Sample Robot, the efficient and robust automation solution in thermal analysis

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