HS 82 and HS 84 - Hot Stage Microscopy Systems

The HS82 and HS84 hot-stage microscopy systems, from METTLER TOLEDO, can be used to analyze several types of thermal transitions while the sample is heated or cooled. The core component of the hot-stage microscopy systems is the furnace, with a heating element provided below and above the sample to ensure excellent temperature consistency in the sample, and to guarantee reliable results.

The powerful hot-stage systems allows the users to characterize liquid crystal compounds, conduct polymorphism and solvate studies, and analyze the crystallization and melting of polymers. The hot-stages can also be used for sample evaluations under IR and RAMAN spectrometers, microscopes, and in X-ray beamlines.

Key Features

The main features of the hot stage microscopy systems are as follows:

  • Allows sample to be observed while it is cooled or heated, providing a better understanding of the physics of a transition
  • One Click™ technology with superior ergonomics makes the system easy to use and understand
  • Real DSC (HS84) enables temperature control, observation, and measuring of a DSC curve

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