Label-Free, Chemical Imaging – The Spero-QT Infrared Microscope

The Spero-QT Infrared Microscope provides cutting edge high-performance label-free chemical imaging powered by quantum cascade lasers.

Redefining the Pharma Workflow

The Spero-QT is the latest innovation in label-free chemical imaging and represents the second generation of high-performance infrared microscopes powered by quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology.

The wide-field, high-resolution features of the Spero-QT is same as its predecessor, however the Spero-QT has the ability to create twice the data in 1/10 of the time while accomplishing unparalleled signal-to-noise levels.

Additionally, the footprint is smaller and the stage travel can currently hold up to three slides. The Spero-QT’s larger sample compartment area also makes it highly compatible with microfluidic devices and accessories.

Visualizing Chemistry

Spero is powered by Daylight Solutions’ well-established Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology and is engineered specifically for mid-infrared spectral imaging analysis. Spero and its software suite, ChemVision™, provide innovative chemical imaging capabilities to users in fields ranging from drug discovery and cancer research to semiconductor analysis and materials research.

I thought the first generation Spero microscope was a game changer. The Spero-QT is a whole new world.

Prof. Cyril Petibois University of Bordeaux

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Key Benefits

  • Fast - Ultra-high brightness quantum cascade laser technology enables real-time, high-throughput spectral imaging
  • Label-free - Infrared spectroscopy allows users to see the pure chemistry of their sample without molecular tags or stains
  • Easy-to-use - Cryogenic cooling is possible now. No set up is required, enabling users additional time for analysis
  • Microfluidics - Video rate imaging of chemical reactions and mixing
  • Tablets and powders - Real-time monitoring and quantification of API distributions

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