Petroleum Cryoscope for Determining Solution Concentration - 5008 CRYETTE A™

The 5008 CRYETTE A™ is a laboratory model, automatic high sensitivity, dual range, petroleum cryoscope.

It is designed for solution concentration, molecular weight, and freezing point depression determinations for benzene and aqueous solutions for 2.0 mL samples.

The 5008 CRYETTE A™ package is supplied with an instruction manual, 24 2.0 mL sample tubes, 125 mL each of two standards, test tube rack, 250 mL of bath fluid, and spare stirring wires.

Key Features

  • Two selectable ranges: -2.0 to 0 °C and +2.5 to +5.5 °C
  • Two-step calibration with non-interacting calibration controls
  • Adjustable bath temperature, allowing optimum temperature settings for specific solvents
  • Results displayed in m °C of freezing point depression
  • Cool-down in < 15 minutes
  • Precise air temperature environment during sample isolation

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