Automated Chemical Analysis via Absorption Spectroscopy - 9008 ANALETTE II™

The 9008 ANALETTE II™ is an economically priced Chemistry Analyzer.

It is designed to meet the needs of both general and specialist analysis laboratories. The Analyzer has the combined benefits of enabling the user to select the suitable reagent for each assay.

Key Benefits

  • Functions at rates comparable to other analyzers at a fraction of the cost
  • Minimizes the overall cost per test
  • Flexible
  • Allows users to select the reagent or reagents most appropriate to a particular assay - Lower Cost per Test
  • Measures absorbance reactions using 30 wavelengths over 340 to 740 nm - Covers the most typical range of assays for various applications
  • Reduces interference in readings by using a secondary wavelength - Fewer incorrect answers
  • Samples can be urine, serum, saliva, plasma, or aqueous-based - Useful for a number of sample types and applications
  • Up to 140 tests per hour for one-reagent assays - One standard patient profile in approximately 10 minutes
  • Up to 42 reagents, or up to 72 samples – Suits the majority of application requirements
  • Can interrupt a run for STAT samples - Runs essential assays when needed
  • Disposable optical cuvettes - Cleaning is not necessary

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