MFI Metal Foil Insulation from Firwin

Firwin’s MFI Metal Foil Insulation is designed for exhaust system components such as tubing, elbows, and piping that require pre-installed installation. An outer foil, which is permanently welded to the part, encapsulates the insulation.

The result is an appealing looking insulation cover that offers excellent durability, can endure steam washing / solvents, and serves as a barrier to any fluids seeping into the insulation material.

Firwin MFI can be designed to contour to intricate shapes. The insulation material and thickness can be customized to match the demands of specific applications.

The product is suitable for Original Equipment Manufacturers with small to medium quantity needs. Similar to Firwin HC Hard Coat insulation, parts are shipped to Firwin’s factory where Firwin MFI is installed and shipped back to the customer.

MFI Metal Foil Insulation

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Industries Served
  • On Highway
  • Off Highway
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Marine
Insulation Material & Thickness Varies as per application  
Lead Time 3 to 4 weeks  
Components Insulated Small to medium size engine exhaust system components : pipes, tubes, elbows, etc.  

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