Laboratory Ovens from CARBOLITE GERO

CARBOLITE GERO stocks a wide range of laboratory ovens for standard lab applications.

The laboratory oven models are suitable for general laboratory work and routine heat applications. All the models provide exceptional temperature uniformity and comply with safety standard BS EN 61010-2-010:2003.

Each laboratory oven is available with a number of options to meet customer requirements. This includes, for example, over-temperature protection, individual shelves and runners for different lab applications, digital timers or more advanced laboratory oven temperature control and programmer systems.


Laboratory Oven - AX

  • Min temp: Ambient +30 °C
  • Max temp: 250 °C
  • Volume: 28 to 128 liters

Natural Convection Laboratory Oven - PN

  • Min temp: Ambient +30 °C
  • Max temp: 300 °C
  • Volume: 27 to 215 liters

Fan Convection Laboratory Oven - PF

  • Min temp: Ambient +30 °C
  • Max temp: 250 - 300 °C
  • Volume: 28 to 910 liters

High Temperature Laboratory Oven - LHT

  • Min temp: Ambient +60 °C
  • Max temp: 400 – 600 °C
  • Volume: 30 to 120 liters

Laboratory Oven Applications

Convection based laboratory ovens are extremely flexible pieces of equipment capable of fulfilling a wide variety of functions.

A laboratory oven is mostly used for drying and sterilizing equipment, often glassware. Another area of application is dehydrating, heating or softening samples, as well as several other laboratory applications across different industries. Industries in which laboratory ovens are indispensable pieces of equipment include the technology industry, healthcare and civil engineering.

Laboratory ovens use thermal convection for delivering heat to the chamber, which enables them to maintain uniform temperatures. Natural convection ovens are the most cost-effective option and are best suited for applications where the increased airflow of a fan assisted convection oven would be challenging. By comparison, fan assisted convection ovens are capable of attaining higher temperature uniformity and provide faster recovery rates.

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