IMS 1280 Ultra High Sensitivity Magnetic Sector SIMS from CAMECA

The CAMECA IMS 1280 belongs to a new generation of SIMS instruments specifically designed to perform direct in situ analyses in selected µm-size areas of complex geological samples.

A large radius magnetic sector ensuring ultimate performance for isotopic analysis of trace elements

The IMS 1280 is based on a double focusing mass spectrometer with a large radius magnetic sector. The secondary ion optics has been optimized to work at full transmission up to 6,000 mass resolving power. Together with high density cesium or oxygen primary ion beam bombardment, this allows isotopic analysis of trace elements at high sensitivity (e.g. mandatory for Pb analyses in Zircon).

Versatile multicollector system

Another key feature of the IMS 1280 is the multicollector system equipped with 5 moveable detectors (Electron Multiplier or Faraday Cup) that allows to perform high precision isotope ratio analyses from lithium to uranium in multicollection mode. The high level of automation, in particular the introduction of automated routines for a precise control of all relevant parameters before each analysis, has led to a dramatic improvement in external reproducibility for stable isotope ratio measurements (H, C, O, S, Li, B, Mg...).

In addition, the multicollection system significantly increases the throughput of the instrument by reducing the total acquisition time.

Unique Direct Ion and Ion Microprobe Imaging

The IMS 1280 is able to map the lateral distribution of major, minor and trace elements or isotopes, providing both a direct ion imaging mode (microscope mode) and a small spot rastering mode (microprobe mode).

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