Draw-Wire Sensor wireSENSOR MK46

The latest wireSENSOR MK46 series of draw-wire sensors is available with unique features such as compact structure, prolonged life, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, this new model offers wider application possibilities as it is available with both a potentiometer output and with a voltage or current output.

Draw-wire sensors measure distance and position and offer mounting possibilities that are fast, flexible, and easy. These sensors are unique because of their long service life and high operational safety. The wireSENSOR MK46 is mainly installed into machines and for post-assembly purposes as it is said to be the most compact sensor in its class.

This sensor exhibits its strengths particularly in high volume applications and offers an exceptional price/performance ratio.

The sensor measures almost linearly across the entire measuring range. The user can freely select between a potentiometer, voltage or current output, which makes room for the development of new, distinct application possibilities.

Draw-wire sensors made by Micro-Epsilon are used for measurements between 50 mm and 50 m. It is also possible to adjust the sensors in order to match special measurement tasks based on the customer’s needs. The most common adjustments are made to the length and design of the measuring wire, the tensioning force of the spring package or varied output types.


The key applications of the wireSENSOR MK46 are as follows:

Positioning of catering trucks at Airbus A380

Positioning of operating tables

Variable support for mobile cranes and cherry picker platforms

Release of satellites into space

Displacement measurement on slag transporter

Position measurement on X-ray machines

Lift-height measurement in fork-lift trucks

Height of lifting platforms on automobile production lines

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