How to Measure Vitrinite Reflectance with the GeoImage

Through the use of a connected camera, GeoImage™ is capable of quickly and accurately measuring the reflectance of vitrinite macerals. As a tool that has been specifically designed for organic petrographic analysis, GeoImage™ utilizes two Standard Test Methodologies, of which include ISO 7404-5 and ASTM D2798.

To perform these analyses, GeoImage™ reads the vitrinite reflectance intensity from each pixel of a calibrated camera, which amounts to the simultaneous measurement of millions of points. As a result of this standard configuration procedure, GeoImage™ allows users to quickly perform vitrinite reflectance tests in a highly accurate way for a wide variety of materials including coals, kerogens and petroleum source rock. Furthermore, GeoImage™ exhibits a flexible and user-friendly design that offers users point counting capabilities and automation of the test procedure, as well as high-resolution color imaging.

Without requiring the addition of any moving parts, GeoImage™ is highly durable and user-friendly vitrinite reflectance measurement system that exhibits an exceptional flexibility and speed performance. GeoImage™ is expected to successfully comply with any future changes that may occur in both coal testing methods and other types of experiments.

Product Applications

  • Vitrinite Coal Reflectometry
  • Organic Petrography
  • Kerogen Analysis
  • Petroleum Source Rock Analysis
  • Petrochemistry
  • Coke Analysis

Product Specifications

  • High-resolution camera
    • Allows for a rapid measurement of the entire sample
  • Functions according to both ISO 7404 and ASTM D2798 standards
  • CRAIC Reflectance Reference Materials available
  • Point counting feature
  • Manual or automated operation
  • High-resolution color imaging
    • Achieved by both reflectance and fluorescence

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