Deflashing Media

Deflashing operations require exact media specifications to safely and efficiently remove flash and burrs from a wide range of delicate parts. Composition Materials offers numerous deflashing media solutions with a wide variety of media types and particle sizes: Cryogenic Deflashing Media, Polycarbonate Pellets, Nylon Deflashing Media, Polyamide Pellets, Polystyrene Beads, Plastic Blast Media, and Walnut Shell. Applications include deflashing and deburring of rubber parts, cryogenic deflashing, thermoset parts, electronics, die-castings, screws, molds, plastics. Global shipping available.

Cryogenic Deflash Media

  • Deflashing rubber parts
  • Long-lasting media
  • Consistent particle sizing
  • Cryogenic-grade

Deburring Media

  • Cryogenic and polycarbonate media
  • Rubber and thermoset parts
  • Tight size tolerances
  • Wheel and air blasting operations

Polystyrene Beads

  • Precision filler
  • Delicate electronics and rubber parts
  • No residue
  • Void space maintainer

Melamine Plastic Media

  • Most aggressive plastic media grade
  • Hard to remove primers and paints
  • Paint stripping, mold cleaning
  • Best on hard and steel substrates

Polycarbonate Pellets

  • Ambient and cryogenic grades
  • Non-toxic, dust-free deflashing
  • Long-lasting and reusable
  • For rubber, plastics, electronics, metals

Nylon Polyamide Pellets

  • Excellent for delicate parts and components
  • Low dust and low abrasion
  • Deflashing rubber, electronics, die-casting
  • Durable, long-lasting media

Walnut Shell Blasting

  • Deflashing media
  • Eco-friendly crushed shell grit
  • Steel, bridges, buildings, boats
  • Walnut shell sandblasting, blast cleaning








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