Recycled Plastic Aggregates & Fillers

Lightweight, thermoset-plastic fillers produced and supplied by Composition Materials are made from 100% recycled materials. The novel aggregates and fillers come in shiny or matte finish; single color, multi-color, or clear-white; and as granular or fine powder.

Recycled fillers are used in paints, flooring, resins, coatings, anti-slip surfacing, compounding, and epoxies. Non-skid or anti-slip aggregates are commonly used for garages, decks, ramps, swimming pools, floors, tubs, boats, surfboards, and skateboards.

Made from materials that are 100% recycled, these plastic media have low specific gravity and can be directly mixed into paints or broadcased for easy and fast application.

  • Type VI Clear-cut®: SDS, TDS

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