Ultim Extreme for Ultra-High-Resolution SEM

The Ultim® Extreme offers best spatial resolution and low-energy performance for EDS in the SEM. Integration of Extreme electronics and windowless construction with optimized geometry and sensor design offers up to 15x greater sensitivity when compared to a traditional large-area SDD.

  • Work at energies below 2 kV todeliver sub-10 nm spatial resolution in bulk samples Detection and mapping of Li X-rays
  • Combine with immersion optics to gather high-sensitivity data at up to 30 kV without any compromise
  • Materials characterization at sub-1 kV


Ultim Extreme Silicon Drift Detector is a revolutionary solution for ultra-high-resolution FEG-SEM applications and provides better solutions than that offered by traditional micro- and nanoanalysis.

The Ultim Extreme is a windowless 100 mm2 version of Ultim intended to increase spatial resolution and sensitivity. It employs a radical geometry to optimize imaging as well as EDS performance in ultra-high-resolution FEG-SEMs while working at short working distance and low kV. With the use of Ultim Extreme, EDS resolution reaches that of the SEM.


  • Best spatial resolution for SEM-EDS
    • Sub-10 nm element characterization in the FEG-SEM
  • Most accurate and fastest nano-characterization
    • Fast collection, real-time data processing from a bulk sample
  • Surface science sensitivity
    • Characterize surfaces in the SEM
  • Maximum light element sensitivity
    • New detectability levels for elements such as nitrogen, lithium and oxygen
  • Differentiation of materials at the lowest kV
    • Materials characterization of down to 1 kV

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