Low-Temperature Module (LTM-CRYO) for Mechanical Properties Down to -150 °C

Alemnis has introduced a Low-Temperature Module (LTM-CRYO) that can be retrofitted to the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA).

Although it is possible to utilize the module in atmospheric conditions, condensation may develop on the surface of the sample. Therefore, the operation should be ideally carried out in vacuum (for example, within an SEM). The tip and sample are heated and cooled independently.

The LTM-CRYO includes:

  • Three thermal sensors (with a resolution of less than 0.1 °C)
  • A single indenter holder with cooling capability down to 120 K (−150 °C) (in vacuum)
  • A single sample holder with cooling capability down to 120 K (−150 °C) (in vacuum)
  • Copper cooling block for liquid nitrogen
  • Cooling braids, tubing and plate, including feedthroughs for the pipes
  • Cooling control, electronics, connectors, and cables
  • Low-temperature control software (two separate temperature control loops—one for the indenter and one for the sample)
  • SEM feedthroughs for temperature and power sensors

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