Half-Lite Bullet-Resistant Wood Veneered Door

Armortex has introduced a bullet-resistant wood veneered door and hollow metal frame  developed to provide an aesthetically pleasing bullet-resistant barrier for interior applications.

The frame has been constructed with cold-rolled steel prime painted steel, which is initially cut, then broken, and finally welded to size.

The frames also contain a composite armor that is installed to fulfill ballistic protection level. Armortex’s doors feature a fiberglass armor core with particle board and are veneered, including edge molding and door skins.

Ballistic level 1 through 3 measures a nominal 1¾ inches in thickness, and ballistic level 4 through 8 measures a nominal 2 inches in thickness.

Armortex’s wood door assembly exits the factory swinging on its frame utilizing heavy-duty clear anodized aluminum continuous gear hinge developed for mortise lockset, cylinder, or exit device.

Key Statistics

  • Ballistic level (UL)—1 to 8
  • Height—84 inches or 80 to 108 inches
  • Thickness—1¾ or 2 inches
  • Width— varies up to 48 inches
  • Application—interior
  • Core material(s)—fiberglass composite armor 
  • Finish—primed
  • Frame primary material glazing—12 Ga. steel (upon request), 14 Ga. steel (upon request), and 16 Ga. steel
  • Glazing—glass-clad polycarbonate, glass/polycarbonate composite, multi-ply polycarbonate, and acrylic polycarbonate composite
  • Hardware included—clear anodized aluminum continuous gear hinge; developed for exit device, mortise lockset, or cylinder
  • Operation—swing
  • Primary material—unfinished wood veneer

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