Flush Bullet Resistant Wood Veneered Door

Armortex has introduced a Bullet Resistant Wood Veneered door and hollow metal frame assemblies that have been engineered to provide an aesthecially pleasing bullet-resistant barrier for interior applications.

The frame is constructed with prime painted steel, which is first sheared, broken and welded to the required size. The frames contain armor fitted to fulfill the ballistic protection level. Armortex doors are equipped with a fiberglass armor core including particleboard and are veneered along with the edge molding and door skins.

The thickness of ballistic levels 1 to 3 is a nominal 1¾ inches and the thickness of ballistic levels 4 to 8 is a nominal 2 inches. Armortex wood door assemblies include a heavy-duty clear anodized aluminum continuous gear hinge and prepped for mortise lockset, cylinder, or exit device.

Key Statistics

  • Ballistic Level (UL) of 1 to 8
  • Thickness of 1¾ or 2 inches
  • Height of 84 inches, range: 80 to 108 inches
  • Width varies up to 48 inches
  • Core material(s)—Fiberglass armor composite
  • Primary material—Unfinished wood veneer
  • Frame primary material—16 Ga. Steel, 14 Ga. Steel (upon request), or 12 Ga. Steel (upon request)
  • Application—Interior
  • Finish—Primed
  • Glazing—No Glazing
  • Operation—Swing
  • Hardware included—Clear anodized aluminum continuous gear hinge, prepped for cylinder, mortise lockset, or exit device

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