A New Generation of the Traditional Particle Insight Instrument: Pi Sentinel PRO

The Pi Sentinel PRO from Vision Analytical is a new generation of the conventional Particle Insight instrument. It is a class-leading dynamic image analyzer best suited for applications where particle shape, and not just the particle size, may be critical for estimating the quality of raw material and for achieving a high level of process control.

Particle morphology offers significant data concerning the physical shape properties of users’ samples. The shape of a particle has been shown to influence dispersion, flowability, segregation, packing density, aggregate formation, as well as microstructure character.

Controlled now by an all-in-one computer, the completely automated Pi Sentinel PRO is an ideal research-grade instrument or for use in a production process where accuracy, user-friendliness, and speed with its Pass or Fail shape control limits feature can be used.

Dynamic Image/Particle Shape Analyzer

A New Generation of the Traditional Particle Insight Instrument: Pi Sentinel PRO

Image Credit: Vision Analytical

Principles of Operation

Suspension of particles is done homogeneously in a carrier liquid. They pass via a thin flow cell in the optical path. Transmission of light occurs through the flow cell, which helps project silhouettes of the particles onto a high-resolution camera sensor.

The combination of high resolution and high frame rate of the camera and a high-speed host computer allows the characterization of thousands of particles within a second in real-time.

This method is perfect for applications where data related to shape, not just diameter, is crucial for estimating the performance of the raw material.

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