New Sample Holders Increase Capabilities for World's Fastest Desktop SEM

Phenom-World BV announces the launch of a new collection of sample holders and inserts for the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM). The new holders increase the range of possible samples while maintaining the Phenom's market-leading time to image. Quick and easy sample loading ensures faster time to data.

Charge-Reduction Sample Holder
Most industrial and research applications require imaging of non- or poorly-conducting samples. Imaging these samples with the charge reduction sample holder eliminates additional sample preparation and so reduces the critical time to data. Imaging samples such as paper, polymers, organic materials, ceramics, glass, and coatings is fast and trouble-free with this sample holder.

Micro-Tool Sample Holder
Imaging long, axial-shaped samples is a challenge in any SEM, but required in many industrial quality and failure applications. With the micro-tool sample holder, it is possible to make high-resolution images from samples such as drills, end-mills, routers, boring bars, engraving tools, needles, fibers, (fuel) injectors and pencils. Unique on the market, this holder enables top-down imaging of samples up to 100 mm long. Samples are loaded into the holder without the need for tools or other preparation.
Micro-electronics Insert
The new micro-electronics insert enables non-destructive imaging of micro-electronics, solar cells and other wafer-based samples. The unique clamping mechanism makes glue or other adhesives obsolete, allowing the sample to be mounted quickly and then returned to the production process, or to be used in other quality and failure analysis machinery.

X-view Insert
The X-view insert enables cross-sectional imaging of coatings, multi-layer semiconductors and fracture surfaces. Preparing the sample is fast and easy compared to costly and time-consuming resin mounting. The X-view insert eliminates the need for screws and tools to clamp the sample.
According to Koen Driessen (Marketing Manager at Phenom-World), the new holders and inserts reflect the path that Phenom-World has chosen to create market-focused solutions based on the Phenom platform. "With these new holders, many of our existing and future customers will be able to speed up their time to data."

The introduction of the new holders is the second stage in series of market-focused solutions following the successful launch of the Fibermetric System in 2009. "The fast market acceptance of the Fibermetric System confirmed that there is a need for products that generate answers and solutions for specific markets such as the fiber and filtration sector."

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