B+W Tek Introduces Lightweight Portable Raman Spectrometer System

B&W Tek, an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems is pleased to announce that its i-Raman spectrometer system is the winner of the Laboratory Equipment 2011 Reader's Choice Award.

The i-Raman is unique for its high resolution combined with field-portability. With performance comparable to large bench-top Raman systems and weighing less than 10 lbs, it's a portable laboratory instrument available at a fraction of the cost to many large footprint Raman instruments on the market today. The small footprint and lightweight design provides research grade Raman capability anywhere.

Features include a spectral resolution of 3cm-1, wide Raman shift coverage, TE cooled 2048 pixel array and our patented CleanLaze technology. With a convenient fiber optic interface, it collects data within 175cm-1 of the Rayleigh Line.

When using the i-Raman, there is no sample preparation required. It measures through glass, quartz, plastic and numerous other materials so that direct contact with the sample is not needed. Samples can be solid, liquid or gas, transparent or opaque, and the i-Raman doesn't need a large sample, so costs are reduced. It covers a wide spectrum, allowing for countless applications, some of which include Bioscience, Medical Diagnosis, Forensic Analysis, Environmental Science and Gemology. The i-Raman is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, in Raman Microscopy, polymers and chemical processes, Geology, Mineralogy, the food & agriculture industry, and the semiconductor and solar industry.

Two Raman probe options are available to allow sampling of various materials in the form of liquids, gels, powder, or solids under lab conditions (Lab Grade) or demanding environmental conditions (Industrial Grade).


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