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SABIC Exhibits Thermoplastic Solutions at Aircraft Interiors Expo

The Innovative Plastics business unit of SABIC announced that it will be displaying high-performance thermoplastic solutions used for aircraft applications at the Aircraft Interiors Expo.

The solution will help aerospace clients to optimize flying experience, improve sustainability and safety and minimize weight and costs.

SABIC’s products have been used for different interior aircraft applications, which are highlighted in the expo. Ultem resin is used in fire-blocker, cushion and seat-padding products from National NonWovens. PECO Manufacturing has used Ultem resin and Lexan FST resin to engineer a passenger service unit for Boeing 737 BSI. Lexan XHR sheet is employed in C&D Zodiac Aerospace’s new trim parts, window pane and seat cladding and LNP Thermocomp specialty compound from SABIC is used as an alternative to aluminum for manufacturing tray table arms.

SABIC offers several weight reducing products for interior aircraft uses. Some of them are Lexan F6000 polycarbonate (PC) sheet, LNP Thermocomp, Lexan XHR 6000 sheet and Ultem foam. Lexan F6000 PC sheet is a lightweight material that is used as a replacement for traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or acrylic products in seating frames. This could decrease the weight of an aircraft by approximately 23%.

The new LNP Thermocomp EC008PXQ and EC006PXQ specialty compounds features Ultem polyetherimide (PEI) resin technology. The materials offer excellent flow and stiffness and provide significant weight reduction and enhance strength by 40%. LNP Thermocomp products have several applications, including foot rests, arm rests, structural supports and coffer maker chassis.

Ultem foam is an open-cell core material that is ideal for composite applications requiring high thermal properties, compatibility with metal laminates, low moisture absorption and noise abatement. The material weighs 10 to 20 times lesser than the traditional plastic products.

The company also offers materials to global aircraft designers that provide top-flight compliance, good aesthetics and durability. The materials include Extem UP thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) resins, Lexan F2000A sheets and Ultem CAB sheets. Lexan F2000A sheet is used for signs, light diffusers and windows which requires more clarity. It delivers exceptional impact strength, FST performance and also offers flame retardance property. Extem UP resin is an extreme high-heat material and provides nearly five times higher flex strength and stiffness than the unfilled polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material at 200°C.



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