Fenceline Monitoring With PTR-TOF

Real-time air quality monitoring around chemical plant in KSA.

PTR-TOF real-time VOC analyzer (bottom), Sample Handling System (upper right) in the air conditioned shelter

PTR-TOF real-time VOC analyzer (bottom), Sample Handling System (upper right) in the air conditioned shelter. Image Credit: Ionicon

IONICON has successfully implemented a solution for real-time fenceline monitoring for a large petrochemical industrial complex in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ensuring regulatory compliance. This method is vital for continuously assessing air quality and detecting any chemical emissions that could affect local air quality significantly.

Together with our partner PetroInTech we have installed this fenceline monitoring solution comprising four PTR-TOF analyzers, each with a Sample Handling System for 10 sampling points per instrument, and installed in air conditioned shelters, located around the perimeter of the industrial complex.

PTR-TOF systems acquire full spectra, and the concentration of several compounds of interest is recorded simultaneously. The software, based on our AME framework, fully automates this process for all sample points and provides the data to a centralized data collection system. In contrast to "classic" offline systems, our PTR-TOF based solution records data in real-time and provides this critical information with a high time-resolution.

IONICON’s fenceline monitoring solution significantly enhancing the safety of workers, the community, and the environment. It not only helps industrial companies mitigate the risks associated with emissions and ensure regulatory compliance, but it also offers the flexibility to monitor additional compounds as regulatory and environmental requirements evolve.

Learn more reading the full case study or contact us for more information!


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