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    Goldleaf Plastics has grown to become one of America’s premier plastic fabrication and distribution companies. It offers distribution of ABS, Acetal, Extruded Acrylic, Cast Acrylic, Colored Acrylic,...
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    Aristech Acrylics LLC is one of the world's largest producers of seamless continuous cast acrylic sheet. Our products are used in a wide variety of industries and applications from bathtubs, hot tubs,...
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    We are the premier full service aluminum extrusion company featuring in-house finishing capabilities including: anodizing, casting, extruding, extrusion die construction, painting (acrylic, kynar,...
  • Article - 4 Sep 2001
    Transparent with good surface finish and outdoor weathering properties. However, exhibits poor scratch resistance and is dissolved by a number of organic solvents.
  • Article - 4 Sep 2001
    Is more versatle than general purpose PMMA in batch size and hand pouring into moulds.
  • Article - 6 Aug 2013
    Resin casting is a plastic casting process where liquid synthetic resin is filled in mold and allowed to harden.
  • News - 8 Apr 2009
    Qnuru today launched a revolutionary line of solar powered, landscape lighting fixtures that efficiently capture the sun's energy within expressive forms that are manufactured with full lifecycle...
  • News - 28 Jun 2004
    The Atofina subsidiary Atoglas intends to invest into new capacities in Carling-Saint Avold (France) by September 2006, and to concentrate on this site cast acrylic sheet production currently split...
  • Article - 8 Jun 2001
    Superplastic forming is an alternative and novel method for producing dental implants. It is capable of producing complex prostheses that are lighter, more comfortable and stronger than similar...
  • Article - 4 Sep 2001
    Contains a general overview of the polymer Polymethylmethacrylate including relative advantages, disadvantages and applications.