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  • Article - 27 Mar 2002
    A comprehensive guide to titanium corrosion in a range of environments such as non-oxidising, acidic and chlorinated environments. A range of corrosion mechanisms for titanium are also covered such...
  • Article - 19 Aug 2020
    Solvent extraction of gold from digestion solutions (gold ore samples) effectively preconcentrate gold and significantly reduces interference from major elements.
  • Article - 1 Jul 2020
    There are several base metal determination and gold assay applications for ColdBlock™ digestion. Read here to learn more about them.
  • Article - 15 Oct 2002
    Iridium competes for the title of the densest material known to man. It is hard and brittle and is also one of the most corrosion resistant metals known. Its occurrence, properties and applications...
  • Article - 14 Jun 2012
    In 1803AD, Osmium was discovered by Smithson Tennant who separated it and iridium out from an impure platinum sample. Properties, occurence, production and applications of osmium are covered in this...
  • Article - 11 Feb 2002
    The titanium metal was first commercialized in the year 1950. Since then, corrosion resistance has turned out to be a critical consideration while choosing it as an engineering structural material.
  • Article - 19 Aug 2020
    Short-wavelength infrared radiation has been successfully applied to accelerate the acid digestion of rare-earth ore samples.
  • Article - 23 Jul 2001
    Platinum (Pt) was discovered by Ulloa in 1735 and Wood in 1741. Platinum occurs as such naturally, together with negligible amounts of palladium, iridium, rhodium, osmium, and ruthenium.
  • Article - 20 Jul 2001
    Gold is most widely known as a precious metal due to its high lustre and chemical inertness. It is also used for coinage, ornaments, jewellery, gilding, textile industry, radiation control,...
  • Article - 13 May 2021
    Fire assay analysis is a complex process. With the ARL iSpark Fire assay analyzer can make this simplier.