Powder Characterization Tools for Effective Screening and Evaluation of Polymer Powders for Selective Laser Sintering

As additive manufacturing (AM) transitions from the fabrication of prototypes to production of end-use parts, understanding the powder properties required to reliably produce high-quality parts is critical.

Achieving optimal quality not only relies on the right process parameters but also on the properties of feedstocks. In the case of laser sintering, polymer powders are a commonly used raw material. Controlling quality by suitable characterization of polymer powders is key to the successful application of the technique as well as growing the range of materials that can be successfully processed.

Who Should Attend

This webinar will benefit beginners and professionals in research, development, processing or quality control who want to acquire a basic understanding of comprehensive material characterization or who want to refresh and expand existing knowledge. Furthermore, those who are looking for suggestions for further possible uses of physisorption, chemisorption, mercury porosimetry, particle size characterization, and powder rheology as well as microreaction technology should attend this webinar.

What You Will Learn

Join our guest speaker, Enrico Gallino, Material Specialist at Ricoh UK, as he discusses methodologies for AM powder characterization and the benefits of evaluating relevant properties.


Enrico Gallino | Material Specialist | Ricoh Products UK Ltd

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