Overcoming Challenges when Analyzing Concentrated Dispersions

This webinar is brought to you in cooperation with Formulaction Inc.

Formulation of liquid dispersions is a complex process that requires finding the best conditions to mix non miscible components and ensure correct end-properties. Today, dispersions may contain over 20 ingredients and their physical characterization remains challenging.

Scientists continue to struggle for accurate and sensitive particle size measurement and direct determination of shelf life and physical stability that would allow to optimize formulations and shorten the time to market. 


  • Stability & Shelf life of emulsions  and suspensions
  • Application examples
  • In situ probe optical bench for DLS analysis
  • Controlled reference beam for highest signal to noise in DLS
  • Power spectrum deconvolution to size in DLS


Terry Stauffer, Particle Characterization Consultant, Microtrac MRB

Terry Stauffer has an MS in Minerals Process Engineering from Penn State and an MBA from Lehigh University. He’s been in research, field sales, and in sales, product and marketing management in the particle characterization industry. He currently provides technical and applications support for Microtrac MRB.

Pascal Bru, VP North America, Formulaction Inc

Pascal BRU has gained two Master’s Degrees in Chemistry and Marketing and spent over 15 years in Formulaction HQ in France to expand marketing & sales worldwide. He is now in charge of North America operations.

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