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DVS Resolution - The Worlds Most Advanced Water Sorption Analyzer

DVS Resolution - The Worlds Most Advanced Water Sorption Analyzer

In 1992 Surface Measurement Systems invented the world’s first Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer. The DVS Resolution is the culmination of nearly 25 years of world leading innovation in gravimetric instrumentation. Our new DVS Resolution is a water vapor sorption analyzer measuring sorption and desorption isotherms over a broad range of humidities and temperatures (5-85 oC 0-98%RH).

The DVS Resolution offers unprecedented temperature stability and humidity performance as well as a range of optional modular features.

It provides valuable information about the interactions of a sample with water vapor that is critical for the development of new materials and processes. Many industries consider water sorption properties of raw materials as key parameters in determining their storage, stability, processing and application performance.

Key Measurement Capabilities

  • Water, organic solvent, and gas sorption and desorption isotherms
  • Co-adsorption isotherms using two vapors
  • Optional in-situ sample preheating/drying to 300 oC
  • Multiple sorption/desorption and sample drying or activation cycles
  • Sample masses from 1 mg to 5000 mg
  • Surface and bulk measurement capabilities and analyses

Key Hardware Benefits

  • Only system to measure organic vapor partial pressure directly using Ultrasonic Sensor (patent pending)
  • Open stainless steel stand design enabling easy access to sample pan while minimizing static electric charging
  • Broad range (5-85 oC) and single uniform and accurate temperature enclosure
  • Next generation control and evaluation software for the most advanced experimental design and data analysis
  • Capable of upgrading to 5 balances
  • Optional IR, Raman and Video imaging with integrated control software

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The only method to directly measure Solvent and Gas concentrations

New UltraSonic Sensor

Previous methods for directly measuring the solvent concentrations have either been non-existent (i.e. predicting the solvent concentration!) using a specially configured dew point analyzer for the measurement. Increased customer demands for a more universal and more accurate measurement technology has resulted in SMS developing a revolutionary new sensor. The patent pending Ultrasonic Sensor in the DVS Resolution measures directly the vapor concentration using speed of sound (SOS).

The SOS is directly related to temperature, the chemical species present and the absolute vapor concentration of the gas phase species. This technology allows for true closed loop control by adjusting the mass flow controlled vapor delivery using the real time speed of sound measurement. Not only is the SOS fast (1s), it is reliable and a fundamental gas phase property.

Sample UltraSonic data


Methanol Adsorption in Hair with a Background Humidity

  • Water adsorption at 40% RH in red
  • Methanol adsorption at 40% P/Po in blue
  • Methanol adsorption at 40% P/Po with 40% RH background humidity in green

Thin Film Co-Diffusion

  • Co-diffusion of two solvents into a thin film
  • Independent control of individual moisture and organic vapor flows for single component and co-adsorption experiments

Spray Dried Polymer Co-Adsorption Isotherms

Acetone sorption in background humidity

  • Acetone isotherm in red/10%RH background
  • Acetone isotherm in blue/20%RH background
  • Acetone isotherm in green/30%RH background

Modular Capabilities

Raman Spectroscopy

  • Fully integrated hardware/software solution for triggering and capturing Raman spectra during sorption experiments
  • Allows for a more complete understanding of vapor-solid interactions for materials

Optional Microscopy and Video

  • Optional 5 mega pixel color camera
  • 200x optical zoom
  • Images have time-date-temperature humidity stamps
  • Grid overlay and calibration for measuring dimensional change

High Temperature Preheater for Drying, Curing and Vapor Generation at Elevated Temperatures

  • In-situ degassing/activation of samples up to 300 oC
  • The temperature is measured by Pt100 directly below sample pan
  • Humidity generation up to 150 oC

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