Coating Deposition

Featured Equipment
The HEX modular deposition system available from MANTIS has been designed to deliver high performance and integrates the latest thin film technologies into a compact, bench top platform at reduced cost.
Other Equipment
The PlasmaPro 800Plus is a flexible solution for plasma etching and deposition processes on large and 300-mm wafer batches, in a compact footprint, open-loading system.
MATS sources generate an inductively coupled plasma for the disassociation of various gases that include nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and other molecular gases.
The Nexdep system from Angstrom Engineering offers custom flexibility in a compact footprint at an economical price The Nexdep system can be built to meet your requirements.
The QBox series systems are based on a front-loading box-type chamber with all source ports using conflat flanges as standard.
The Q300TD dual target sputter coating system supplied by Quorum Technologies is a fully automatic unit designed for conductive coating of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specimens and for thin film applications.
The Ionfab500Plus was designed mainly for ultra high quality optical thin films and was first delivered in the year 1983.
The RFMax ion sources use the extensive knowledge of Mantis Deposition in plasma technology.
ULVAC offers a new Arc Plasma Deposition (APD) system, which is suitable for battery, fuel cell and catalyst research.
Semicore, creators and manufacturers of precision thin film vacuum deposition systems and products effectively contribute to the quality, capabilities and economy of the SC250 & SC450.
Oxford Instruments has launched an advanced etch and deposition tool called PlasmaPro System133 which delivers excellent performance for both research and development and production.
The InlineCoater 500 from Impact Coatings is an ideal PVD system for continuous production flows as it can handle small loads at a better throughput thanks to its unique design.
MBRAUN thin film deposition systems are engineered for use in university research, as well as in large-scale industrial applications. We offer both standard and custom thin film deposition systems.
The Amod line of thin film deposition tools was designed to meet the advanced process requirements of today's thin film researcher.
The PlasmaPro Estrelas100 deep silicon etch technology, available from Oxford Instruments, has been designed to provide excellent process performance.
The OFT EDGE Series of modular systems offered by VG Scienta includes devices that can be configured for depositing and evaluating organic and inorganic layers on solid and flexible substrates for device production.
For over 30 years, Dynavac has been delivering turnkey equipment solutions for large-scale production of thin films.
Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has introduced an evolution in Batch Etch technology with the PlasmaPro1000 Astrea large batch etch system.
Ipsen offers Ivadizing System, an ion vapor aluminum deposition system that offers a practical option to cadmium plating used in the automotive and aerospace industries.
The SC 1500 inline sputtering system offers a modular, cost-effective and scalable design to satisfy the requirements of high-volume or pilot production.
The M series system is based on a UHV, conflat flange platform with a large metal-sealed top flange.
The table top system includes a cylindrical chamber (250mm ID) and is based on a UHV conflat flange platform.
The PICOPLATFORM™ vacuum cluster tools are multifunctional thin film processing cluster units that provide exceptional scalability and modularity. These tools provide parallel processing and sample handling in constant vacuum.
The TFS 200R thin film system available from Beneq has been specifically designed for depositing thin films on flexible substrates.
Dynavac's Spectrum-Pro Optical Monitoring System is a valuable tool for producing complex, repeatable coatings with a high degree of accuracy.
The TriAxis electron beam evaporation system includes a 304 stainless steel cylindrical chamber with a typical size range 18 or 24 inch diameter and is scaled to match the specific application.
The Explorer® offers the widest range of configurations and deposition modalities in the thin film industry: Electron beam evaporation, resistance evaporation, sputtering, ion plating, and ion assisted deposition.
The InlineCoater 300 is a flexible PVD system from Impact Coatings that provides short cycle times in the range of 0.5-5 minutes for many different decorative and functional PVD coatings.
CAPOS is a cost-effective, open platform design for accurate research and development and small batch production. CAPOS offers a number of custom formats and standard options. It was developed and created by engineering talents at Semicore and this innovative advancement extends capabilities as well as enables excellent levels of performance.
The DiamoTek 700 Series Microwave Diamond CVD systems incorporate tunable resonant cavity technology offering proven diamond deposition capability with high efficiency and control.
Dynavac is distinguished in the Astronomical Telescope Community for its ability to design, construct and install large mirror deposition systems.
The Covap II series offers a compact economical solution suitable for many process applications. Its small size will ensure you can find a space in your lab and in your budget.
The Scientific Materials and Applied Research Tool (SMART) platform is a versatile deposition system that is engineered for today's thin films deposition research applications.
PICOSUN™ R-series ALD systems are designed for highest quality R&D and small-scale pilot production. Hot-wall, top-flow, dual-chamber structure enables deposition of leading quality ALD films that meet the strictest uniformity and purity standards. PICOSUN™ ALD systems allow processing of all kinds of samples from wafers and 3D objects to challenging nanoscale structures such as high aspect ratio (HAR) trenches, through-porous samples, and nanoparticle powders.
Oxford Instruments has introduced a new, compact open-load system that has been specifically designed for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).
WCS-500, a Roll-to-Roll ALD Web Coating system from Beneq, provides accurate roll–to–roll ALD on flexible webs with a maximum width of 500 mm.
The Mantis Comcell effusion cell series is designed for high-precision, high-purity material evaporation in hybrid or MBE UHV applications.
The PlasmaPro System400 is used for single-wafer or batch PVD processing and offers the flexibility of pulsed dc, dc, rf and reactive magnetron sputtering. It finds applications in production or research & development.
The PlasmaPro 100 Sapphire, available from Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, is the latest breakthrough in single wafer etch technology.
The Oxford Instruments IonFab 300Plus provides the flexibility to conduct etching and/or deposition and maximize system utilization. The specifications of the system can be fine-tuned based on the specific application ensuring rapid and consistent process results.
The TFS NX300 thin film system from Beneq is specifically developed for fully-automated production of surface passivation on crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cell wafers
The MGC-75 gas cracker makes use of a proprietary, capillary cracking tube for effective disassociation of molecular gases at relatively low temperatures.
The SC7620 sputter coater available from Quorum Technologies is a compact, low-cost sputter coater developed for SEM samples.
Impact Coatings offers PlastiCoater 200, a PVD metallization unit that can be used an integrated production unit with an injection molding machine for the production of metallized plastic parts.
The Odyssey 450 Deposition System from Dynavac offers small-scale production with excellent quality results of a large sophisticated system.
The PlasmaProNGP80 is a compact open-loading tool for plasma etch and deposition, offering a range of process technologies
The P800 ALD system available from Beneq is industrially proven, reliable, and built on more than two decades of continuous operation in challenging industrial applications.
The addition of the Voyager to Denton Vacuum's range of deposition platforms provides the thin film specialist with the ability to deposit a variety of films previously difficult to produce due to the geometry of the part or the extended deposition period required.
PICOSUN™ P-series is a new range of instruments designed for high volume batch atomic layer deposition (ALD) production.
Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has been a leading provider of high-volume batch plasma tools in the production market for more than 15 years, with a wide installed base of HBLED production solutions in operation.
The Nanofab 800Agile offers excellent growth of nanowires and nanotubes with in situ catalyst activation and thorough process control.
The Nanofab 700 Nanoscale Growth System offers superior growth of nanowires and nanotubes with in-situ catalyst activation and complete process control.
Impact Coatings offers PlastiCoater 400, a PVD metallization unit that is engineered to work in parallel with an injection molding equipment.
The CUSP magnetron sputter sources are the only commercially available sputter sources that are deep UHV (1x10-11Torr) compatible sources.
The Optofab3000 includes high reflective and anti reflective coatings and is configured similar to the Ionfab300Plus.
TBS-2-800 thermal boat sources are designed for light thin film metal evaporation. The thermal boat sources are designed with all-metal vacuum seals and can be fully baked till 250°C and are UHV compatible.
TFS 600, an application-specific ALD system from Beneq, has been exclusively developed for vacuum-line integrated OLED encapsulation.
The Triaxis sputtering system is created and developed by engineering talents at Semicore, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer.
Thin Film System TFS 500 ALD reactor is designed for thin film processing, protective coating, functional surface buildup and doping purposes. Substrate alternatives include wafers and other planar substrates, powders and porous substrates and complex 3D substrates. TFS 500 can be equipped with a manual load lock for rapid wafer processing. Reactor operates in batch mode. Variable reaction chambers can be fitted to the reactor making it possible to optimize the reaction chamber design depending on the application.
FCS 4000F, a heavy-duty production system from Beneq, has been specifically designed for in-line coating on float glass lines.
MANTIS Deposition offers a range of QPrep deposition systems that are suitable for sputtering and other thin film growing methods.
ReelCoater is a high-productivity PVD system from Impact Coatings, paving the way to new surface treatment applications in the electronics industry as well as in other industries.
Beneq offers the P400A ALD system, which is exclusively designed for large-scale production.
Oxford Instruments has launched the PlasmaPro 100 Etch and Deposition tool which is a highly configurable system.
The FlexAL systems from Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology offer a new range of flexibility and ability in the fabrication of nanoscale structures and devices by providing thermal atomic layer deposition (ALD) and remote plasma ALD processes inside a single ALD system.
Expanding on the popularity of Anstrom Engineering's Åmod line, the EvoVac’s larger size allows even more configuration flexibility. Glove box integration is improved with its wider door opening and increased chamber height allowing for a greater source to substrate distance. The EvoVac line is for the researcher looking for more sources and flexibility in a deposition system.
The low temperature organic deposition cell available from VG Scienta is an ideal source for research applications.
The SonoPlot GIX Microplotter Desktop is a benchtop picoliter fluid dispensing solution specifically designed for the polymer electronics and microarray markets.
The TurboDisc® K465i™ GaN MOCVD System is the newest entry into Veeco's K-Series platform, which is production-proven and provides high productivity and for HB LED high-volume production fabs around the globe. The K465i achieves up to 90% yield (5nm bin) due to its superior uniformity and excellent run-to-run repeatability. K465i also offers the industry's highest productivity due to its full automation and shortened recovery period after maintenance.
SVT Associates' NorthStar™ Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system is a versatile research deposition tool for thermal or energy enhanced ALD.
TFS 1200, an application-specific system from Beneq, has been specifically designed for industrial in-line and batch production of buffer layer coatings on copper-indium-gallium-diselenide (CIGS) thin film solar cells.
SonoPlot offers GIX Microplotter II, a compact, precision picoliter fluid dispensing solution that is suitable for the polymer electronics and microarray markets.
Mantis Deposition designs and manufactures a series of sample tables that can be fitted to standard NW200CF flange and can be incorporated into most deposition systems.
PlasmaPro System100 is a powerful and flexible system for deposition and plasma etching processes.
Beneq and Glaston have lunched TFC2000, an off-line system designed for continuous production line system for TCO-coated glass.