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Raman spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique used in condensed matter physics and chemistry to study vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes in a system. It relies on inelastic scattering, or Raman scattering of monochromatic light, usually from a laser in the visible, near infrared, or near ultraviolet range. The laser light interacts with phonons or other excitations in the system, resulting in the energy of the laser photons being shifted up or down. The shift in energy gives information about the phonon modes in the system.
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Featured Equipment
The Thermo Scientific™ DXR™xi Raman Imaging Microscope is an excellent instrument to rapidly scan the complete sample area and easily find what you are actually searching for such as defects, contaminants, target particles.
Other Equipment
WITec’s RISE microscope integrates the alpha300 confocal Raman imaging and all the features of a stand-alone scanning electron microscope (SEM) in a single instrument. Through RISE microscopy, ultra-structural surface properties can be connected to molecular compound data.
The WITec alpha500 is the first instrument on the market to combine Confocal Raman Microscopy for 3-D Chemical Imaging and Atomic Force Microscopy for high resolution structural imaging in an automated system.
The HYPERION is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience in FT-IR microscopy. Its high-quality design, including all optical, mechanical, and electronic components, provides high stability and reliability.
BioTools has introduced a new family of portable Raman microscopes - µ-Raman and µ-BioRaman, designed for examining particles, liquids, contaminants and biological substances such as fibers and proteins.
The DXR Raman Microscope from Thermo Scientific offers point and shoot Raman microscopy with superior sensitivity and spatial resolution for functional applications.
MMR Technologies’ variable temperature micro probe systems (VTMPs) and low temperature micro probe systems (LTMPs) are designed to provide measurements of semiconductor materials such as amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, mercury cadmium telluride or others across a broad temperature range of 70K to 730K.
The HORIBA Scientific introduces the NEW generation analytical Raman Instrument - the LabRAM ARAMIS. Intelligent Automation provides easy computer controlled operation for quality control, analytical and research applications alike. It maintains the market leading flexibility and performance of the LabRAM series to provide the most comprehensive analytical tool available.
The combined Raman/ atomic force microscope (AFM) system is ideal for characterization of material properties at sub-micrometre, and potentially nanometre scales.
SENTERRA II is designed to deliver excellent sensitivity combined with high resolution and state-of-the-art imaging performance.
The µSense-I/L Raman microscope system available from Enwave Optronics is a cost effective instrument and offers high performance microscopic Raman measurements. The system is reliable and can be easily used for routine Raman microscopy applications.
The Renishaw RA100 is a compact Raman system for process monitoring and bulk material analysis. It enables in situ Raman monitoring in the laboratory, pilot plant, or process line.
The alpha300 R provides a still unmatched level of Confocal Raman Imaging capabilities focusing on high resolution as well as high speed spectrum and image acquisition.
The K2000 Digital Temperature Controller is a convenient device that provides flexibility to conduct experiments using the cryogenic cooling and Joule-Thompson thermal stage systems of MMR Technologies.
The XploRA ONE is an advanced Raman microscope specifically designed for industrial and analytical sectors.
The CRAIC Apollo Raman spectrometer is ideal for metrology, research and inspection of microscopic sampling areas by Raman spectroscopy. It is suited metrology, research and inspection of microscopic sampling areas by Raman spectroscopy.
Photon etc. offers an ultrafast hyperspectral imager called RIMA NANO. This state-of-the-art Raman imager comes with a range of excitation wavelengths and is suitable for analyzing nanomaterials from graphene to carbon nanotubes.
HORIBA Scientific has introduced new, advanced LabRAM HR Evolution systems that are suitable for both macro and micro measurements.
inVia Raman microscopes from Renishaw are high-sensitivity systems with integrated research grade microscopes, enabling high resolution confocal measurements. inVia Raman microscopes support multiple lasers, with automatic software switching of excitation wavelength.
SciAps has designed an advanced hand-held Raman analyzer called InspectorSCOPE. This benchtop unit offers a unique combination of a handheld Raman analyzer which docks seamlessly to a digital camera and microscope, thus making it suitable for both laboratory applications and bulk material analysis in the field.