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Many processing operations must be carried out in controlled environments. Reasons for this may be to protect the operator from hazardous materials or reaction products, or to protect the materials from reactive materials or gases such as oxygen or water. They may vary in size from small chambers or gloveboxes or booths to entire rooms including cleanrooms. Their complexity will depend on the exact requirements such as access and manipulation.
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The Horizontal Laminar Flow Booth provides controlled, non-turbulent, once through, airflow, which ensures extra environmental safety and operator protection from dust and fumes.
Surface Measurement Systems’ GenRH-A Ambient is designed for precision ambient relative humidity (RH) generation. Building on Surface Measurement Systems’ more than two decades of expertise in RH generation technology, the compact instrument comes with advanced capabilities.
Hosokawa offers the Flexible Product Isolator, which has been designed to meet the demands for a flexible, cost-effective, barrier containment solution.
The SC3500 evaporation system from Semicore is made of stainless steel and is a water cooled process chamber with swing open front access door.
Hosokawa Micron`s Isolator systems can be used to handle products down to OEB<5 (down to 30 ng).
Safe long-term storage of samples at temperatures down to -86 °C is ensured by the ULTRA.GUARD ultra low temperature freezer of the UF V series from BINDER. It also features personalized access control via RFID, which ensures that only laboratory employees accredited by the laboratory manager can open the ultra low temperature freezer.
Constant climate chambers from BINDER in any implementation are a one-stop solution for consistently and easily managing the stress or stability test. The BINDER constant climate chambers of the KBF P series are suited for norm compliant work based on ICH guidelines and work independent of water supply.
The KT series integrates outstanding performance with impressive energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
The MKF series Binder environmental simulation chamber is suitable for any cold and heat testing based on current temperature and climate testing methods based on the DIN and IEC standards.
Hosokawa downflow booths with a filtration performance of a minimum of 99.99% are especially used where toxic, hazardous or sensitizing products are handled, especially in fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
BINDER FD series ovens are ideal for use in cases where sterilization and quick drying are required. The FD 53 oven saves valuable time thanks to its fully homogeneous temperature distribution, quick dynamics and powerful fan.
Surface Measurement Systems offers the GenRH-T that supplies precision Relative Humidity (RH) levels across a broad range of temperatures. The RH levels can be varied between 0% and 98%. Condensation during vapor transport can be eliminated with the heated transfer line.
The BINDER C 150 is a CO2 incubator for routine cell cultivation applications. The incubator is contamination free due to 180°C hot air sterilization, and is maintains consistent pH stability because of the drift-free infrared measuring system.
The BINDER FED Series heating chambers offer a very large capacity, and are adaptable to many different applications.
The TriAxis electron beam evaporation system includes a 304 stainless steel cylindrical chamber with a typical size range 18 or 24 inch diameter and is scaled to match the specific application.
The Binder oven and chamber range covers all types of routine applications and also highly technical and specific tasks, taking pride in offering unique precision in both areas.
The DynaGen Bioreactor instruments set a new benchmark for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering research.
Surface Measurement Systems offers the GenRH-Mcell as an integral component of its GenRH series of humidity control solutions.