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Featured Equipment
The EcoMet 250/300 family of Grinder-Polishers and AutoMet 250/300 family of Power Heads has been designed to meet the needs of the materials analyst requiring the versatility of manual or automated sample preparation.
Other Equipment
The Precitech Planoform® 650 ultra precision diamond flycutting system is a heavy-duty machine intended for diamond flycutting of plano optical surfaces in non-ferrous materials where flatness and optical quality surface characteristics are required.
The Nanoform® X small frame diamond turning lathe, available from Precitech, is designed for optimum productivity and ease of use in ultra precise diamond turning, grinding, and milling of mold inserts, mirrors, optical lenses and precision mechanical components.
LECO’s latest Fastick™ system is designed to handle grinding and polishing of very tough samples. The central component of the system is a PSA base disc with pressure-sensitive adhesive on its underside and a gleaming top surface with the ability to stick to many types of surfaces.
Precitech’s Freeform L with its third linear axis provides adequate flexibility to produce freeform surfaces which was not as easily achievable with the two linear axis machining. The Freeform L with its newly added advanced vertical axis provides users with the largest swing capacity than other currently available tools on the market.
Buehler’s SimpliMet™ 3000 mounting press is a valuable device in labs as it makes mounting easy with its completely automatic operation and a range of mold sizes.
Retsch offers the new Jaw Crusher BB 200, which can be used for quick yet gentle pre-crushing and crushing of brittle, hard and medium-hard materials.
The AMS 1800 is a fast grinding machine for foundry samples. It has been specially developed for customers whose line of business demands automatic preparation of recurring sample types for spectrometer analysis.
The Nanoform® drum roll lathe 1400 ultra precision machining system, available from Precitech, is a large capacity multi-axis system suitable for diamond turning of optical microstructures on drum roll surfaces.
The Precitech Nanoform® 250 ultra precision diamond turning lathe is an ultra precision machining system designed for producing optical mold inserts, mirrors, optical lenses and small precision mechanical components.
AbrasiMet™ 250 is a bench-top abrasive cutter from Buehler that has manual cutting action. The device provides excellent cut capacity, lighting, and visibility.
Buehler has developed the CarbiMet™ and MicroCut™ abrasive paper for the preparation and analysis of a wide range of materials.
The Nanoform® 250 ultragrind precision machining system supplied by Precitech is a flood coolant compatible, 2 to 5-axes machine suitable for deterministic freeform grinding, milling, and diamond turning applications.
The IsoMet® 1000 is a precision sectioning saw designed for cutting various types of materials with minimal deformation. Its low kerf loss capability and great versatility in holding all types of sample shapes and configurations, gives today's laboratory a precision sectioning tool capable of cutting viturally any material including brittle or ductile metals, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic devices and biomaterials.
The AbrasiMet 250 Manual Abrasive Cutter features manual cutting action with best in class lighting, visibility and cut capacity.
The ASD-Px ultra precision air bearing work-holding spindles (workpiece spindles) are designed to handle ultra precision turning and flycutting applications with speeds of up to 10000 rpm, and is based on a worldwide patented bearing technology.
The Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 premium line supplied by FRITSCH provides shearing, impact, and cutting comminution in a single instrument. It is considerably quieter than other comparable instruments, provides better cooling, and delivers higher performance.
FRITSCH offers the PULVERISETTE 1 premium line jaw crusher that provides safe and reliable operation even in the most demanding applications. With up to 3kW drive power, the system ensures high throughput during pre-crushing of hard or very hard brittle materials.
Precitech’s Nanoform L 1000 is the latest multi-axis ultra precision machining system that is capable of aiding in the manufacture of large parts, meeting demands of the advanced market, and saving precious tool setting time.
The MetaServ® 250 single and twin grinder-polishers offer a combination of performance, economy and reliability for most microstructural analysis applications. Designed for manual or semi-automatic grinding and polishing, the base can be combined with one of two power heads.
Burst Dispensing System developed by Buehler achieves better consistency and productivity in dispensing diamond and final polishing suspensions at regular intervals and configurable rates.
The AbrasiMatic 450 automatic abrasive cutter is a floor standing cutter featuring four cut types, offering the best options for a wide range of applications. With an excellent accessibility and visibility, this solid durable machine offers the power to get through each cut, with precision controls, laser alignment and convenient time saving features such as sample and wheel detection.
The Mortar Grinder RM 200 offered by Retsch is ideal for mixing and homogenizing high-viscosity pastes, powders and suspensions.
The IsoMet® 4000 Precision Saw was designed for cutting various material types with miminal deformation. 1 micron sample postitioning allows for precise sectioning of specimens. User selectable feed rate allows for ultimate versatility.
Precitech’s Nanoform® 700 ultra is a multi-axis ultra-precision machining system that has the quality of a small frame lathe and the flexibility of a large frame lathe.
Precitech offers high speed air-bearing tooling spindles by Levicron. These spindles are suitable for applications where product quality enhancements and robustness of an industrial-grade design are required.
Levicron’s ASD-H25 ultra precision air bearing tool spindles are designed for the ultra-precision machining market and for micro and precision metal cutting applications.
The ASD-Cx ultra precision air bearing tool spindles are built specifically for the ultra-precision machining market to manufacture high precision optical parts possessing a surface finish of Ra < 10 nm.